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ATI All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV

ATI Software

The control center of the the All In Wonder is the ATI Multimedia Center v7.5, which is the latest version. In comparison to the previous versions, this version not only features new functionality, but sports a new look as well. The following programs are included:

  • ATI-TV - As indicated by the name, this software is for TV playback and recording;
  • ATI-DVD - A DVD player from ATI;
  • ATI-VCD - Plays video CDs;
  • ATI-CD - A CD player from ATI;
  • File-Player - For video clip playback;
  • Library - Software for organizing videos, images, etc.;

  • Teletext - Can make really fast video text!

As with the standard RADEONs, Hydravision is used to control the dual display function.

In the test, however, we ran into problems with the image quality of the TV tuner, which was only able to display a highly distorted image. Even after switching to another All In Wonder card, the problem persisted, and the TV tuner still had problems displaying the cable signal correctly. In contrast, there were no problems at all with the playback of composite and S-video signals.

The TV tuner had problems with cable reception.

In any case, ATI describes this new All In Wonder as a beta version, at least to the big software dealers. The final version is slated to appear in January or February, which should be enough time to smooth out the kinks. However, we found that using a TV with the same cable connection and an older version of the All In Wonder RADEON, the playback image was just fine. So the exact cause for the disturbance could not be determined in this test, but it's possible that it hasn't quite been adapted to German cable TV.