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System Builder Marathon Q3 2014: Mainstream Enthusiast PC

Results: Adobe Creative Cloud

We run two scripted Photoshop benchmarks: one that is threaded and fully taxes our CPUs, and another that leverages OpenCL acceleration to offload work to our graphics cards.

The Radeon R9 290 suffers compared to the GeForce GTX 770 in the OpenCL benchmark. When we look at the CPU side of things, though, the result is much closer, but the new build maintains a slight lead.

CPU and memory performance are critical variables in the rest of these tests, which do not leverage the heterogeneous nature of OpenCL. The Acrobat benchmark is single-threaded and, like iTunes and LAME, is affected primarily by clock rate. After Effects CC is as well. Similar to Photoshop, Premiere Pro is optimized for multi-core CPUs and benefits from Hyper-Threading. We can see that the After Effects benchmark probably relies on memory speed to some degree, giving the new build a chance to shine, but the other two benchmarks demonstrate much closer results.