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System Builder Marathon Q3 2014: Mainstream Enthusiast PC

Results: Battlefield 4 And Arma 3

Battlefield 4

Replacing its predecessor in our bench suite, Battlefield 4 also tends to be limited by the graphics subsystem. CPU performance plays a more prominent role at lower resolutions and lower detail levels, though. For those of you done with this game's single-player campaign, big multi-player maps tend to be quite processor-bound as well. In the real world, you'll get even more benefit from a faster CPU than these tests indicate.

The GeForce GTX 770 benefits from the faster platform and only suffers a loss to the Radeon R9 290 at triple monitor resolutions. Even so, it doesn't lose by much.

Arma 3

Arma3 is known to become exponentially demanding on the graphics hardware as resolution is raised past 1080p. This is a scenario where the Radeon R9 290 shows a great advantage, but the GeForce GTX 770 fares very well on a single monitor.