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Computex 2007: Storage, 4+ GHz Quad Cores and Systems

... And The N5200 Pro: Professional 5-Drive NAS With iSCSI Support

The N5200 Pro resembles the N5200, which has been available for several months. The Pro version features support for iSCSI and turns the 5-drive NAS box into an iSCSI target.

Art Deco Meets External Storage

We found lots of interesting storage enclosures at the little Tsunami booth. One product is this Marylyn Monroe design, in three different colors.

Stardom InTank: 2.5" RAID In 3.5" Bays

The InTank by Stardom takes two 2.5" SATA drives and mounts into a regular 3.5" drive bay using SATA/300. We would be careful with 7,200 RPM drives, since this product is designed for passive cooling and 7,200 RPM drives usually get rather warm. Note that the device supports only RAID 1. Stardom also has NAS and iSCSI appliances.