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Computex 2007 Summary

Hidden Secrets

Powerful GPS-based devices with special features are hard to find if you want to shop for one, but readily found at Computex. GPD data loggers and trackers are interesting if you want to track your route, check height differences, and keep track of the time it took to travel.

Computex is always a good place to go treasure hunting, because there are many smaller companies that have a small booth that does not attract much attention, don't have a proper marketing budget, or may not even have a clue about marketing at all. In the end, many interesting products can remain unspotted.

Luckily, we were there to dig out these treasures. Walking the show floors actually is another reason to attend Computex, because you can get some valuable input on what is possible, or you might even find exactly what you are looking for.

How about a mobile, solar-powered charging device? Sometimes you might not even know that such stuff already exists.