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Creative X-Fi: A New World of Sound

Three Cards In One

As we've said, X-Fi cards have three operating modes: Entertainment (for activities like listening to music or watching a DVD), Games, and Audio Creation (sound and music). You choose one of the three via a Mode Switcher and the card is reconfigured to provide the best performance for the activity chosen. Naturally, the possibilities - and also the control panel - are different depending on the configuration you choose. The table below provides a summary.

The Mode Switcher lets you choose the operating mode that corresponds to what you're doing at a given moment. The X-Fi card is reconfigured in a few seconds to provide the best possible performance.

EntertainmentAudio CreationGames
3DMIDI PlaybackYesYesYes
3DMIDI InteractionNoYesNo
EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0LimitedLimitedYes
EAX ADVANCED HD 4.0LimitedLimitedYes
Number of Auxiliary Effects244
Maximum Number of Reverbs124
Insert EffectsNo4No
ASIO Out Channels: Dry1 pair5 pairs1 pair
ASIO Out Channels: FXNo4 pairsNo
ASIO In Channels: WUH888
ASIO In Channels: Basic2 (1 pair)2 (1 pair)2 (1 pair)
ASIO 2.0 SupportLimitedYesLimited
ASIO 2.0 Direct Monitoring012 (6 pairs)0
Bit-Matched PlaybackNoYesNo
Bit-Matched RecordingNoYesNo
CMSS-3DVirtual (2 Speakers)YesNoYes
CMSS-3DVirtual (4 Speakers)NoNoYes
24 bit CrystalizerYesYesYes
Graphic EQ10 bands10 bands10 bands
Smart Volume ManagementYesYesYes
Bass ManagementAdvancedNoAdvanced