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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

Epox EP-8KHA: The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued

Unusual: Transistor switches on the underside of the board.

With the features it offers for overclocking, this board should find plenty of friends: It is possible to adjust the FSB clock rate in megahertz increments. The CPU voltage range can be adjusted between 1.650 Volts and 1.850 Volts. In addition, the Epox features a multiplier between 6.0 und 15.0. This permits a maximum clock rate of 2000 MHz (15 x 133 MHz). A cable for the fifth and sixth USB port is not included. Another positive feature worth mentioning is the small holder for AGP graphics cards, which prevents the card from falling out. With regard to benchmark results, Epox ranks in the upper middle of the pack.

The Epox board comes in this snazzy bag.