DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

Biostar M7VIB: Designed For OEMs

Board revision: 1.0

The Biostar is one of the few boards in our test to incorporate four DIMM slots. Theoretically, this permits the memory to be upgraded to 4 GB, and the corresponding modules with 1 GB capacity are already available. Overclocking fans should keep their hands off this board, since it does not permit manual adjustment of the clock multiplier. Biostar was a bit overly generous when it came to the integration of CNR and ACR slots, since the appropriate components are only available from OEMs and impossible to find on the retail market. In terms of its performance, the M7VIB fared pretty well: It placed in the middle of the field and generally appears to be a solid product. To sum up: This is a typical OEM board for system integrators, for whom maximum performance is not absolutely essential. Missing: An additional cable for the fifth and sixth USB port.

Virtually unlimited memory upgrade is possible, thanks to 4 DIMM slots.

Playing it safe: Biostar refers users to the manual.

The unnecessary duo: Users have no need for the ACR slot or the CNR slot.