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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

Jetway 866ASR: Nondescript

Board revision: 1.0

Jetway is not so well known in some countries, and for quite a while it has been trying to gain a foothold in this market. A positive feature is the integral Promise controller (Ultra 100 "Lite"), which allows users to hook up four additional IDE components. Another convenient feature is the AGP clamp, which prevents the graphics card from slipping out. A superfluous feature is the CNR slot, which Jetway might as well left out. Overclocking fans won't be turned on, however: It is impossible to adjust the clock multiplier - neither in the BIOS nor by jumpers. A useful feature is that the CPU voltage, CPU temperature, system temperature and fan speed are displayed on bootup. In terms of its performance ratings, the Jetway board is also midrange.