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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

MSI K7T266 Pro (MS-6380): A Worthy Leader

Board revision: 1.0

Unlike a number of rival manufacturers, MSI's popularity in the market is growing. The board stands out with a number of interesting features, which could certainly be considered the highlights: These include the integral Promise controller (Ultra 100 "Lite"), the additional voltage supply for the AGP Pro (AUX12), the four Dr. LEDs for the status display and the preset BIOS tuning function. This means that getting maximum performance out of the board only requires a few steps - all you have to do is select the corresponding function. MSI leaves out a noisy chipset fan at the Northbridge.

Useful in the event of malfunctions: Four LEDs for indicating the status.

RAID function: Promise Ultra 100 "Lite" plus two additional IDE ports.