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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

DDR Power For AMD Athlon/Duron, Continued

ChipsetVIA Apollo KT266AMD 760SiS 735ALi Magik 1
IntroductionApril 2001February 2001May 2001February 2001
PlatformSocket 462Socket 462Socket 462Socket 462
Processors SupportedAMD Athlon/Duron/PalominoAMD Athlon/DuronAMD Athlon/DuronAMD Athlon/Duron
Multi-processor Supportnononono
Chipset NorthbridgeVIA VT8366AMD 761SiS 735ALi M1647
Chipset SouthbridgeVIA VT8233AMD 765integratedALi M1535D+
FSB System Clock100/133 MHz DDR100/133 MHz DDR66/100/133 MHz DDR100/133 MHz DDR
Memory Clock100/133 MHz DDR100/133 MHz DDR66/100/133 MHz DDR100/133 MHz DDR
asynchronous Memory Clockyesyesyesyes
33 MHz PCI at 133 MHz FSByesyesyesyes
FSB overclocking*up to 200 MHzup to 150 MHzup to 150 MHzup to 150 MHz
max. # DIMM slots4434
Max. memory4096 MB2048 MB1536 MB1024 MB
SDRAM supportyesnoyesyes
DDR SDRAM supportyesyesyesyes
VC SDRAM supportnononono
RIMM support (Rambus)nononono
# USB connectors6466
max. # PCI slots6666
integrated graphics corenononono
AGP 1x / 2x / 4xyes / yes / yesyes / yes / yesyes / yes / yesyes / yes / yes
ACPI featuresyesyesyesyes

* depending on clock generator

Comparison of all available chipsets with DDR-SDRAM support for AMD Athlon/Duron. Although the VIA KT266 was announced months ago, it is only now that the boards are available in larger quantities.

Special Features Of The VIA KT266: 6-Speed USB

In addition to the combined SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM support, the VIA KT266 chipset offers the following important innovations: Three USB controllers have been integrated, thus allowing six devices (without USB hub) to be operated simultaneously. Two of these ports are located on the board itself, whereas the remaining four connected by cable. Generally speaking, most of the boards we tested have no additional cables for the fifth and sixth USB port. This can be remedied by a cable that is appropriatedly coded, which is available from electronics stores for around 8 dollars.

A View Of The Test Candidates

First, the good news: Although we tested all the boards with the maximum possible memory speed, with the exception of the Aopen AK77 Plus, we experienced none of those major system crashes which have been so typical of other tests.