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DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266

Chaintech CT-7VJD2: For SDRAM And DDR-SDRAM, Continued

An interesting option for those looking to make the switch: This board features two SDRAM slots and two DDR-SDRAM slots. However, we would not recommend using conventional SDRAM, since the performance drops considerably compared with DDR-SDRAM. DDR-SDRAM mode requires that an additional terminator (included) be placed in one SDRAM slot. One could criticize the inclusion of ACR and CNR slots, which are totally useless for the end user. Once again, there is no cable included for both of the remaining USB ports. Bad news for performance freaks - the Chaintech CT-7VJD2 finished last in virtually all the benchmarks. In terms of performance, it lags way behind the competition with the same chipset.

Noiseless: The Chaintech's huge heat sink on the Northbridge provides adequate cooling.

In colour: The dubious CNR slot (blue) next to the AGP slot.

Included: A terminator for DDR-SDRAM audio panel.