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Which Web Browser Is Best Under Windows 8?

Reliability And Security


The reliability rating is achieved by measuring a browser's proper page renders under a heavy workload of 40 tabs. A point is added every time a browser requires that a page be reloaded due to broken or missing elements. The highest score in this metric is zero, while the worst possible score is 40. The page load reliability score is the average of three iterations.

Opera once again claims the reliability crown, with just two reloads in Windows 8 and only one in Windows 7. Chrome places second with about one-quarter of the 40-tab workload requiring a refresh. Firefox and Internet Explorer place third and fourth, respectively, both with an average of 15 reloads in Windows 8. Strangely enough, all four browsers exhibit less reliability in Windows 8 than Windows 7.


BrowserScope Security is currently the only security benchmark that hasn't been defeated by any of the top four Web browsers, remaining the sole security test in our Web Browser Grand Prix.

Chrome passes 16 out of the 17 security checkpoints in this benchmark, earning a strong first-place finish. IE10 passes 14 checkpoints to place second in Windows 8, while IE9 manages to pass 13 checkpoints to earn a second-place finish in Windows 7. Firefox earns third, followed by Opera.