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Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT Tested


While we still ran Crysis at "High" quality, we did reduce the shadow fidelity for this test, since traditionally it eats up a lot of resources.

Still as tough as ever on graphics cards, Crysis wasn't especially kind to the 9600 GT, which in all cases was behind the HD 3870. (Bizarrely, the Radeons seem not be especially handicapped by the antialiasing in Crysis, though we should make it clear that the game is pretty much unplayable on all of these midrange cards with antialiasing on). The 9600 even came in behind the 8800 GT 256 MB without filters, despite the fact that the latter fell apart because of its frame buffer once antialiasing was enabled. The 8800 GT had a comfortable lead over the 9600 GT here, of between 15 and 29%.