Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT Tested

Unreal Tournament III

Unreal Tournament 3 only confirmed many of the preceding results, again pointing up the closeness of the performance of the 9600 GT and the HD 3870. The latter was symbolically ahead here, due to the penalizing limitation of a frame buffer of only 256 MB with antialiasing (which, incidentally, shows why the 9600 GT comes with 512 MB.), We also noted the inability of the HD 3850 to keep up (12% behind without filters) in spite of its having 512 MB.

  • tijmen007
    Nice Review, was really helpfull chosing between the HD4670 and 9600GT. Cause the HD4670 is a bit slower as the HD3850 due its memory bus of 128-bit.

  • Unicorns_FTW
    Wow, it is amazing how much AA & AF deplete your FPS on games such as Crysis and COD 4. I have a Palit 9600GT along with a E8400, and it more or less matches these benchies. Great review once again.
  • silicondoc
    Thanks for the review - helps in putting together medium range systems. Card prices have gone up now ( Feb 2009 ) after they went down during and about "black Friday" time.
    I see the lowest priced 9600GT at $90, %65 after rebate, with free Far Cry 2.
    Not bad at all.
  • ceponatia
    9600GT is a POS. It has wonderful performance, as the review stated, until it crashes to a black screen. I have had two different cards and they both do the same thing. Buy a Radeon.
  • Great, looks like I need to spend more money on a better graphics card. Thanks for testing.
  • i think gefore 8800 GT is Good!