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Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT Tested

Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited produced fairly different results depending on whether or not antialiasing was enabled, but given the performance levels we logged, the classification on the graphs was made with the filter enabled. That wasn't an advantage for the Radeon HD 3870. While that card systematically ran ahead of the 9600 GT without filters (up to 8% at 1280x1024), the opposite was true once antialiasing was enabled. This was due to the failure to debug the ROPs when the move was made from the R600 to the RV670 - antialiasing always has to be handled by the shaders on the Radeon HD 2000 and 3000. The 9600 GT's lead was as much as 7%.

The Radeon HD 3850 512 MB couldn't keep up, with or without antialiasing, and the 9600 GT's lead varied between 9 and 23%.