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The $750 Computing Challenge: Germany Versus USA

3DMark Vantage, 3D Games

3DMark Vantage

3DMark Vantage has been optimized for multi core processors; hence the Core 2 Quad Q6600 used by the German team has obvious advantages here.

The default graphics test of 3DMark Vantage proves that the Radeon HD 4870 is clearly superior to the HD 4850 that the US team decided to use. We also found it interesting to see that overclocking doesn’t make a significant difference, as this benchmark is very 3D heavy and intensively taxes the graphics chip.

Consequently, 3DMark Vantage’s overall score is in favor of the German system, which is powered by the Core 2 Duo Q6600 and a Radeon HD 4870.

3D Games

Crysis confirms the benchmark results we received in 3DMark Vantage.

The dual core system used by our US editorial team provides better performance for Unreal Tournament 3, as this game isn’t very well optimized to take advantage of four processing cores.

The result is similar for world in conflict: clock speed counts most.