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Preview of Intel's Upcoming 'Camino'-Chipset

Results - Pentium III 533 And 550 With L2-cache Enabled - Part I

First I tried comparing Camino with BX by running Camino with a PIII at 533/133 MHz vs. BX with a PIII at 550/100 MHz and 533/133 MHz. In those cases the system ran normally, the L2-cache of the processor was enabled.

It seems as if the information I got from the motherboard-makers is completely correct. With normal software such as the Sysmark98-business applications, Camino is just about as fast as BX at 100 MHz, even a tad slower. Not even Naturally Speaking 3.52 is benefiting too much from Camino's fast RDRAM and Photoshop is again faster on BX than on Camino. It is obvious that BX overclocked to 133 MHz FSB is smoking Camino significantly.