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Ready For the Masses - Video Editing With Matrox RT2000

And Action!, Continued

The RT2000 supports different formats when capturing and editing digital videos: The native DV format is the most important format for owners of DV cameras. You can also work with MPEG-2 I-frame or DVCPRO/DVCAM format. In our test we used footage from four different DV tapes. If you are capturing in DV format the data transfer rate can be up to 3.52 MB/s. A one-minute clip then requires 212 MB of your hard disk. A 60 minute DV tape makes 12.5 GB. While editing, temporary files consume additional space on the disk. That shows what huge masses of data your PC must be able to handle.

Choosing Movie Capture under Adobe Premiere.

By using this menu the capture of an external video signal on the hard disk will be started.