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Ready For the Masses - Video Editing With Matrox RT2000

Setup And Software

You will find all necessary cables and installation CDs in the RT2000 box. We were surprised that Matrox even provided a 1394 firewire cable. Such accessories are usually quite expensive in shops. A big, coloured instruction leaflet shows how to connect everything. Besides many applications and utilities are included for free. Here is a complete list:

Adobe Premiere 5.1Adobe Premiere is the most powerful application for video editing in the RT2000 pack. This software usually costs a lot as standalone package. A special Matrox realtime plug-in for Adobe Premiere lets you take direct advantage of the RT2000 hardware. You can choose from a wide variety of realtime 2D and 3D filters and transitions with customizable drop shadows, soft edges, and color borders. Get instant feedback - the Matrox plug-in provides responsive scrubbing, realtime preview and playback on your video monitor or desktop display. You even get transparency control from within Premiere.
Inscriber TitleExpressInscriber TitleExpress gives editors the tools to create professional, television-quality titles. As a additional plug-in for Adobe Premiere, TitleExpress provides more than 170 pre-designed titling templates, over 150 pre-designed text styles, and full support for all True Type fonts. Users can also customize titles with complete control over text placement, kerning, width, leading and slant. In addition to the templates provided, TitleExpress also lets users create their own title pages, import background images and produce credit rolls and crawls
Pixélan Software Video SpiceRack LitePixélan Video SpiceRack Lite gives you over 150 realtime organic transitions that are accessible from the Matrox realtime plug-in for Adobe Premiere.
Sonic Foundry ACID MusicACID Music lets you create custom license-free music for your RT2000 projects. The package includes many high-quality, cutting-edge loops.
Sonic DVDit! LESonic DVDit LE! is an authoring tool to publish digital video on DVD. You capture and edit video in realtime using Adobe Premiere RT. Then drag and drop your edited video sequences, audio clips, graphics, backgrounds, and buttons into DVDit! LE. With its intuitive user interface and formatting engine, DVDit! LE lets you create DVD-Video and DVD-ROM titles that could (in theory) be played back on set-top-boxes or standard DVD players. Unfortunately DVD burners are very expensive. Furthermore, there is currently no adequately-priced solution available that burns DVDs in a format that can be played on standard DVD players.
Ulead Cool 3DCool 3D lets you create full-screen 3D animated titles, alpha-channeled TGA images and sequences, and full-motion AVI movies for your RT2000 projects. Add finishing touches to your videos with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface where you can apply special effects, textures, and bevels to your text and logos.