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Remote Control From SoundGraph Changes WinXP Into A Multimedia Center

Conclusion: Multimedia Freedom For Everyone!

We've finally found a hardware and software solution that lives up to its claim: freedom to use any application or multimedia connection universally. Bravo!

The iMOM products from SoundGraph lat you use a remote control to operate any computer or notebook; the only prerequisite is a free USB port. All Windows and multi-media software functions can be accessed with the handy remote control, and you can even just surf the Net. The buttons can be individually set so the device is also compatible with all kinds of software. The handset and receiver communicate via infrared signal, which is really the only drawback of the unit: a radio-frequency-based system would have been a better way to go, since it doesn't require line of sight to function.

SoundGraph's iMON VFD comes with an extra display station that can be installed in a free 5.25" drive. The display provides system information, plus goodies like a news ticker and up-to-date city information.

One of the iMON products should be part of any PC, really, because multimedia has made the mouse and keyboard passé. What was missing until now was a state-of-the-art remote control unit that's ergonomically designed, easy to use and compatible with any software program. The products from SoundGraph fit the bill, which is why they've earned our "Must Have" Award.

So, now everyone can put their keyboard and mouse aside. However, the VFD version is in the steep range at around $100; the iMON Knob will run you about half that. Both operate on the same standard and are based on the same software.

SoundGraphiMON KnobExternal USBIR-based remote controlUSB receiverUSB extension cabledriver CD + software2 AAA batteriesuser's manual$60
SoundGraphiMON VFDExternal /internal USBIR remote controlVFD displayUSB external-internal adapter20-pin power adapterdriver CD + software2 AAA batteriesuser's manual$109