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Remote Control From SoundGraph Changes WinXP Into A Multimedia Center

SoundGraph IMON Knob: External USB Connection

This model is aimed at PC users who don't feel like undertaking the task of opening their PC cases yet again. The knob unit can be freely positioned anywhere near the computer. As all SoundGraph products are infrared-based, there must be a direct line of sight between the handset and the receiver. The included 3' (1 m) USB extension cable gives you sufficient leeway for positioning the receiver; the small plastic receiver emits a bluish light when operating.

The iMON Knob's retail box

Installation is a breeze; all you have to do is plug the knob unit into a USB port on your PC, laptop or SFF PC. The rest of the process is your typical software installation: a wizard opens automatically when you insert the CD-ROM, and you follow its instructions.

Remote control and receiver unit

Once the hard drive has been scanned, video and audio files can be easily retrieved via the remote control. The receiver also serves as a volume controller, and if you tap the can-shaped unit, the mute function is activated.