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Shuttle Enters Monitor World with XP17 LCD


Designed to blend aesthetically with the XPC, the XP17's design is actually more successful. Shuttle has clearly worked hard on this aspect of the product, and we have to congratulate them on it.

The entire monitor is only four centimeters thick, and the electronics/TFT panel unit is a uniform volume surrounded by a silver metal bar. In its all-black case, the XP17 is one of the most elegant PC monitors I've ever seen. The LCD panel is covered with a sheet of glass that goes right up to the edges of the display, and this gives the entire unit a strong sense of unity.

When the monitor is switched on, the Shuttle logo acts as a discreet pilot. It's a nice touch. Much better than the luminescent blue diodes you get so tired of. The overall effect is one of extreme sobriety, reminding you of what Apple was doing with its preceding generation of TFT displays. The XP17 is truly an attractive monitor.