Shuttle Enters Monitor World with XP17 LCD


This is the first article using the new testing method developed by Tom's Hardware Guide. For this maiden voyage, we wanted an exceptional monitor, and so we tested the very first monitor from Shuttle: the XP17.

The manufacturer, known for the quality and performance of its barebone or mini PCs, decided last March to get into the TFT market to satisfy its nomadic clientele who already swear by the XPC.

But the TFT market is a difficult one and you have to be sure of what you're launching. The clientele is demanding, the competition is ferocious and certain major manufacturers have lost a sleeve or two here, if not their shirts. Let's take a look at what Shuttle has cooked up for us.

The XP 17 has a diagonal measurement of 17 inches and a native resolution of 1280x1024. It has DVI and analog VGA inputs.