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SSD Performance In The Office: Nine Applications Benchmarked

uTorrent: Downloading

Overall StatisticsuTorrent: Downloading
Elapsed Time11:05
Read Operations4804
Write Operations11 180
Data Read451.81 MB
Data Written674.01 MB
Disk Busy Time4.47 s
Average Data Rate251.86 MB/s

As you know, torrents are an extremely effective way to distribute data to a large audience. Often times, we need to download Linux distros in a hurry, and the FTP and HTTP mirrors simply aren't fast enough. Interestingly, when we trace a download session of uTorrent, there is a significant amount of reads. This actually makes a lot of sense considering the program has to check and verify portions of the download as it connects to additional peers within the Torrent network. Moreover, a large percentage of accesses occur randomly, since torrents are downloaded in scattered bits and pieces.

I/O Trends:

  • 76% of all operations occur at a queue depth of one
  • 56% of the data transferred is random is sequential
  • 37% of all operations are sequential
  • 49% of all operations are 128 KB in transfer size
  • 19% of all operations are 16 KB in transfer size
  • 11% of all operations are 4 KB in transfer size