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Spring Speed Leap: AMD Athlon64 FX-53

Benchmarks And Settings

Benchmarks and SettingsOpenGL
Quake III Team ArenaVersion 1.321024x768 - 32 bitTimedemo1 / demo thg3"custom timedemo"Graphics detail = Normal
SPEC viewperfVersion 7.1.11280x1024 32 Bit
Serious SamVersion 1.07
The Secound Encounter1024 x 786 - 32 bitGraphics API: Open GLPreferences: Qualityno AudioBits per Pixel: 32 BitExecute Addon: 32bit_HQ++-ansio8-24z.iniDemo: Valley fo the Jaguar
WolfensteinVersion: 2.56 (Patch V 1.02)
Enemy Territory1024 x 786 - 32 bittimedemo 1 / demo demo4Geometric detail = lowTexture detail = low
DirectX 8
Comanche 4 DemoVersion: x 768 - 32 bitautio = off
Unreal Tournament 2003Version: 22061024 x 768 / 32 bit / Audio = offsystem/benchmark.exeTexture Detail = NormalCharacter Detail = NormalWorld Detail = HighestPhysics Detail = Highall = on, Decal Stay = High
Splinter CellVersion 1.2b1024 x 786 - 32 Bitaudio = off2_2_1_KalinatekDemoShdow resolution: lowShadow detail: lowEffects quality: low
DirectX 9a
3DMark 2003Version 3.4.01024 x 786 - 32 bitGraphics and CPU Default Benchmark
X2-The ThreatVersion 1.01024x768x32(X8R8G8B8)Demo - bechmarkGraphic Settings: all off
AquaMark3Version: 3.01024 x 768 - 32 bitAudio = offAdvanced MeasurementAntialiasing mode: offAnisotropy: offLevel Detail: very low
Mainconcept MPEG EncoderVersion: GB DV to MPEG II(720x576, Audio) converting
Pinnacle Studio 9Version: 9.0.0Rendering - DVD Compatibleno Audio
DivX 5.1.1 ProAMD: Otimized MMX iDCTIntel: Otimized SEE2 iDCTDivX 5.10 ProAudio: offPsychovisual Enhancements: offResize: 720x576Restore Defaults780 kbpsfeedback windows: off
Windows Media Encoder 9Version: MB AVI File convert to WMVWindows Media server (streaming)
Microsoft Movie MakerVersion 2.0.3312.0416 MB DV to WMV
TMPGEnc PlusVersion 2.5211.2 GB DV to MPEG I(720x576, Audio) converting
magix mp3 maker 2004Version 4.11 Build 19593
diamond65 minutes/44.100 KHz wave file (688,4 MB)Format: MP3 High Quality
LameVersion 3.95Wave 17:14 minutes (182 MB) to mp332 - 320 kbitVBR = level 3
SyntrilliumVersion 2.1
Cool Edit ProAmplitude Normalizing2.6 GB wave Audio file
Sysmark 2004Version 1.07
WinrarVersion 3.30283 MB, 246 FilesCompression = BestDictionary = 4096 kB
Newtek LightwaveVersion 7.5c - Build 572Render First Frame = 1Render Last Frame = 60Render Frame Step = 1Rendering Bench"variations.lws"Show Rendering in Progress = 320x240Ray Trace Shadows, ReflectionRefraction, Transparency = onMultithreading = 8 Threads
Cinema 4D XL 8Version 8.503
Maxon ComputerRendering in 1028 x 1024, "ship_dirt"
3D Studio Max 6.0Characters "Dragon_Charater_rig"
DiscreetPixel: 1024 x 768Rendering Single
Mathematica 5Version
WolframresearchMMA 40 Test
MicrosoftVersion 2003 (Enterprise Architect)
Visual Studio .NET C++Compiling "Emule 0.42b"
LIUtilitiesVersion 1.84
WinBackup650 MB wave fileEncryption: 256 Bit DES, Password "test"
PCMark 2004 ProVersion: 1.1.0CPU and Memory Tests
SiSoftware Sandra 2004Version 2004.10.9.89CPU Test = MultiMedia / CPU ArithmeticMemory Test = Bandwidth Benchmark

New Benchmarks

In order to give you the best overview of how the latest processors perform, we've added three more programs to our well-known series of benchmarks. First of all, we use Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET to compile an available source code (Emule 0.42b). Another program we use is WinBackup from LI Utilities. This creates compressed data security packets and simultaneously encrypts the content (128 bit). Here, the results are particularly interesting because this software benefits considerably from AMD's faster floating point unit, while at the same time, Intel is able to catch up with Hyper-Threading. Lastly, we use Cool Edit Pro 2.1 from Syntrillium, which is well-known audio editing software. Here we take a 2.6 GB, uncompressed audio file, in WAV format, and normalize it (0 dB).