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The SSD DC S3500 Review: Intel's 6 Gb/s Controller And 20 nm NAND

Results: Sequential Performance

As with our random read numbers, the SSD DC S3500 and S3700 demonstrate almost identical sequential read performance. And perhaps that's the point; an SSD DC S3500 gives you comparable read performance at a lower price. The thing is, neither Intel SSD matches Seagate's 600 Pro, especially at low transfer sizes.

The performance curves come much closer to each other on sequential writes, though the 600 Pro is still roughly 10% better at larger transfer sizes.

The real problem Intel is going to have with its SSD DC S3500 won't be the 480, 600, or 800 GB capacity points. Rather, it'll be the smaller drives. Even though Intel offers a comprehensive line-up, the performance of lower-capacity models trails off fast. Let's compare the 128 GB Seagate 600 Pro with the 120 GB Intel SSD DC S3500.   

Intel SSD DC S3500 120 GBSeagate 600 Pro 128 GB
Sequential Read445 MB/s520 MB/s
Sequential Write135 MB/s300 MB/s

That's a hard sell when the 600 Pro is only slightly more expensive. Seagate does a great job of enabling outstanding sequential performance at the bottom of its 600 Pro family.