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StorCase InfoStation Condenses Business Storage

StorCase InfoStation Condenses Business Storage

If there is one unchanging fact in the IT business, it is the increasing demand for storage space. While people at home want to store growing numbers of audio and video files, enterprises need to cope with the flood of business information by not only managing it, but doing so securely. Thanks to fast Internet connections, more and larger emails are being sent these days. Increasing image resolutions of digital cameras and the tendency towards higher definition audio and video contribute to a growing amount of multimedia data.

Another issue is that many corporate users do not take the time to determine whether data is important enough to store it on a central file server as opposed to putting it on the local hard drive. User accounts on expensive file servers therefore accommodate many files that do not necessarily belong there, increasing costs.

Adding additional storage capacity to existing infrastructures in an easy and straightforward manner is thus most important to enterprises. Seagate took a very important step forward to solving this by introducing their enterprise-class 2.5" Savvio drive using the Ultra320 SCSI interface. In addition to providing more storage space in a compact package, these drives provide the potential to improve overall performance by using several small drives rather than few standard size ones. Creating redundant storage arrays is easier too, to improve the safety of critical data.

StorCase is part of the Kingston family and has already been quite active in developing the InfoStation. It is a 19" rack DAS storage subsystem (Direct Attached Storage) that is only 1.75" in height (1U) hosting up to ten 2.5" Ultra320 SCA drives such as Seagate's Savvio.