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Thecus W5000 WSS NAS Review

Low-cost Windows Storage Servers (WSS) give small businesses access to enterprise-class features at a desktop price.

Multi-Client SMB Performance

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The multi-client test is my favorite for showing small business users what to expect from shared storage in a networked environment. This benchmark uses real Microsoft Office software and 120 gigabit Ethernet ports. The workload doesn't push full gigabit bandwidth at any single port, similar to a real office environment. The throughput component is naturally important, but the average response time chart holds more weight since it is directly tied to to user experience.

Thecus and Microsoft position systems like the W5000 as small office dream machines with that familiar Windows smell that anyone can configure. Sadly, the performance we measure doesn't fit the needs of modern offices, where system backups, spreadsheets and other data are managed directly on the NAS for redundant storage.

Chris Ramseyer
Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.