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Toshiba BG4 M.2 NVMe SSD Review: One Tiny, But Speedy SSD


Toshiba Memory’s BG4 has a lot of market potential. While this super small NVMe SSD lacks a DRAM cache, it's nimble and power efficient. It brings NVMe goodness to smaller smalls and offers flexibility to OEMs on form factor choice with M.2 and BGA options as well as SED options for added security. 

We didn’t have a BG3 to compare, but Toshiba claims a 20% improvement in power efficiency, which mostly stems from the company’s newest 96L BiCS4 TLC and the improved performance stats. During our testing, it hit its rated performance stats and it has enough grunt to handle most consumer workloads while trading blows with SSDs that offer twice the bandwidth, even the bigger, and badder XG6. And, it absolutely leaves SATA in the dust. What’s not to like?

Putting aside the fact that we won’t be able to purchase it off the shelves, Toshiba Memory’s BG4 is a solid little SSD. Being so small and compact, yet so large in capacity, it is the perfect choice for almost any device that needs storage. And, without the inclusion of DRAM, the company should be able to leverage in some very tempting deals for customers.  We look forward to seeing what devices are to come with this little guy in the future.

Photo Credits: Tom's Hardware


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