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Video Editing Hardware: What You’ll Need To Get Started

Windows And Mac Recommendations

Windows Recommendations

Keep in mind that the CPU recommendations are valid until Intel introduces a next-gen architecture. If you want redundancy as well as speed from the RAID array, double the number of drives. The high-end system's GeForce GTX Titan is essentially a lower-priced substitution for a Tesla K20, which you're welcome to use if you have the means. If you are going to be working on feature-length projects in 12-bit 4K, expect to need more drive space than mentioned above.

Mac Recommendations

Here, the hardware options are a bit more limited, since most current Mac models are dependent on external connections for additional storage. If you prefer LaCie over G-Technology, there are equivalent products to the ones suggested above. If you don't like the iMac monitors, or want to go with a 30-bit display, you can always use a Mac Mini.