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Win, Lose or Ti: 21 GeForce Titanium Boards

Test Setup

System 1Intel Pentium 4 1800 MHz MHzASUS P4TIntel i850400 MHz QDR FSB256 MB 400 MHz RDRAM (2x128 MB)
System 2AMD Athlon 1200 MHz MHzABIT KT7A-RAIDVIA KT133A133 MHz FSB2x 128 MB CL2 PC133
System 3Intel Pentium III 800 MHz MHzASUS CUSL-2Intel i815133 MHz FSB2x 128 MB CL2 PC133
Graphics Cards
Cards TestedASUS V7700 TiASUS V8200 T2 DeluxeASUS V8200 T5 DeluxeGainward CARDEXpert GeForce2 Ti500 XPGainward CARDEXpert GeForce3 Ti550 TVGigabyte Tundra GeForce3 Ti200Hercules 3D Prophet GeForce3 Ti200Hercules 3D Prophet GeForce3 Ti500Leadtek WinFast Titanium THLeadtek WinFast Titanium 200 TDHLeadtek WinFast Titanium 500 TDMSI GF2Ti Pro-VTMSI G3Ti200 Pro-TDMSI G3Ti500 Pro-VTGProlink PixelView GeForce2 TiPNY Verto GeForce3 Ti500Suma Platinum GeForce2 TiSUMA Platiunum GeForce3 Ti200Visiontek Xtasy 5864Visiontek Xtasy 6564Visiontek Xtasy 6964
Cards for ComparisionATI RADEON 7500 RetailATI RADEON 8500 RetailNVIDIA GeForce2 MX 400NVIDIA GeForce2 PRO 64 MBNVIDIA GeForce3PowerVR Kyro II 64 MB
Drivers & Software
DirectX Version8.0a8.1 for Radeon 8500
OSWindows 98 SE, Version 4.10.2222 A
GiantsDirectX 7 game with T&L Support
Max PayneDirect X 8 same with T&L Support
Shooting Alex DemoQuake3 v1.17
OpenGL witht HW TransformationSupport (Demo001)
3DMark 2001Synthetic DirectX 8 Benchmark

All cards were benchmarked using the latest drivers available from their manufacturers. These were taken either from the CD or from the company's website.