Asus Unveils ROG GTX 770 Poseidon with Hybrid Cooling

Image Source: TechPowerUpImage Source: TechPowerUp

Asus has revealed another ROG product, this one the GTX 770 Poseidon. The GTX 770 Poseidon, though, is no ordinary GTX 770 with, say, an overclock. No, this one has a hybrid cooler, which cools the card using both air cooling and liquid cooling. The liquid cooling isn't attached by default; using water cooling fittings, users can add the card to their existing loops.

The cooler on the ROG GTX 770 Poseidon can be used in a number of different ways. Users can either employ only air cooling and just ignore the option for water cooling, run the unit solely on water cooling (with the fan switched off), or in a hybrid mode, where both the fan and liquid cooling are used. The cooling block also covers all the required parts, including the memory, VRMs and, of course, the GPU core.

Asus hasn't given us any official clock speed numbers, but we can imagine that such a card will pack some pretty respectable clock speeds. Of course, such a graphics card isn't complete without some lights. Thus the ROG logo on the side can light up in a number of ways, including pulsing or staying at a set brightness.

There was no word on when the card would hit retail, or its price.

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  • Pretty nice, but they haven't even released the normal asus gtx 7xx's yet!
  • I think it would be pretty cool if more cards started to be made this way; with optional water cooling ability. I have a custom loop cooling my cpu, but i dont want to void my graphics card's warranty by taking off the stock cooler to add a water block.
    The more choices the better!
  • Finally something different. I like it.