Titan Announces New Dragonfly CPU Coolers

Titan has released two new CPU coolers, both part of the Dragonfly lineup. The first cooler, the Dragonfly 3, is built using a thin aluminum stack of fins, three heat pipes, and a 95 mm PWM controlled fan. This fan can spin at speeds ranging from 210 RPM all the way up to 2100 RPM, and achieve noise levels as low as 5 dBA. Its heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU's surface.

The Dragonfly 4 is the Dragonfly 3's bigger brother. It features a similar thin aluminum fin stack, but instead of three heat pipes, it has four. The fan is also a bit bigger at 120 mm but is also PWM controlled. This fan can spin at speeds ranging from 150 RPM up to 1500 RPM, and also makes less than 5 dBA of noise at the lowest speed setting.

Both the coolers make no more than 28.6 dBA of noise at the highest speed setting, and will be compatible with all of the commonly encountered sockets including the upcoming LGA 1150 socket. So far there has been no word on pricing or availability.

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  • WithoutWeakness
    The Dragonfly 4 looks interesting. The combo of thin tower and thin fan means there will be no interference issues with tall RAM heatsinks. I wonder how they perform. They'll be quiet for sure but I can't imagine they'll perform better than established budget coolers like CoolerMaster's Hyper 212+ or Evo. They just don't have the surface area to compete because of how thin they are.
  • jaber2
    These are not coolers, don't know why we've always called heat dissipators as coolers, by now we should have had an actual cooler as small as these, guessing there isn't much money in small size coolers
  • thasan1
    am i the only one who thought by the title that GF titan was gonna have a new cooler O_o