Apple May Be Considering Matte Screens Again

Regardless of what you may think of Apple computers, their designs do hold a certain attractive quality. We were mightily impressed last October with the new unibody construction but we've always been very against the all-glass display.

While the glossy glass display looks stunning in the show room, especially when the machine is off, the added frustration of dealing with extreme glare makes it something that most road warriors will end up hating.

Apple partially solved the problem by offering the 17-inch MacBook Pro with an option for a matte screen – at the cost of $50 for something that used to be no-cost.

The thing is that those who have 17-inch MacBook Pros might be less likely to carry their machines to environments with uncontrollable lighting as compared to those with 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pros.

AppleInsider claims to have heard from sources close to Apple that the matte screen option will soon return, perhaps as early as sometime this year coinciding with a hardware refresh. This could help put a little bit of the professional in the "Pro" line of MacBooks.

Although things may return all to the way they should be in Appleland, the influence that the Cupertino computer maker has on the rest of the PC industry could mean that certain PC-based laptops will continue to make use of ultra-glossy displays simply because they look nice.

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  • hillarymakesmecry
    Great news. I hate glossy screens.
  • tenor77
    lexspecialisPlease get rid of those glossy screen.. If i want to look at myself, i'd go take a look in a mirror, not a monitor..

    But what about those of us in love with ourselves? I can watch porn and see myself at the same time!
  • Other Comments
  • hillarymakesmecry
    Great news. I hate glossy screens.
  • 08nwsula
    it would be nice if they just gave the consumer the option of glossy or matte for no additional charge. I still wouldn't buy one but it would be nice of them.
  • mlcloud
    Apple MAY be considering. That's like the world MAY implode in the next few hours, and that that sort of thing MAY be relevant to the user interest...

    But yay, glare reduction. The boost in hardware (much needed) was interesting. Attempting to add another glamorous option to these MacBooks may not be so interesting.