AMD FirePro V9800 Has Eyefinity 6, Costs $3,499

Professional parts cost professional money, and AMD today rolled out the ATI FirePro V9800 that comes with a professional $3,499 price tag.

The FirePro V9800 isn't all that different from the FirePro V8800 it usurps – it has the same clock speed, 1,600 stream processors and 147.2GB/s of memory bandwidth.

It's a little more power friendly at 199W, but the really big draw for those who need a lot of displays is that the FirePro V9800 supports Eyefinity 6 to drive a half dozen monitors. The memory doubled to 4GB of GDDR5 is always a nice touch.

The FirePro V8800 was used to help complete 500 final shots in the currently-in-cinemas movie Machete. We don't doubt that Troublemaker Studios will be getting a few FirePro V9800 for the next film.

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  • N.Broekhuijsen
    nebunreally...6 one can afford 6 monitors (high quality)...such a waste
    Dude, this is not particularly intended for home use, but rather in studios. THERE they can afford 6 good monitors. That would be the least of their costs.
  • hoofhearted
    6 monitors at $500 apeice is still cheaper than the card.
  • Disposition Rate
    4GB of GDDR5. If only that were the norm. now...
  • Other Comments
  • Disposition Rate
    4GB of GDDR5. If only that were the norm. now...
  • shaun_shaun
    Marcos,, did u know what GPUs used for movie 2012 ???? I know ur such a big Machete fan !!! LOL !!!
  • back_by_demand
    But - can it play Double Dragon?