Intel Shoots Down Rumors of Atom Z Demise

Last week Digitimes reported that Intel was no longer accepting orders of Atom Z-series processors for use in netbooks.

Intel has now debunked the DigiTimes report, saying that it is completely inaccurate.

"Rumors of 'industry sources' stating that Intel is no longer taking Atom Z processors orders for netbooks, or any other products, or ending production by end of year are 100% inaccurate," said an Intel spokesperson to Register Hardware.

Of course, Z-series Atom CPUs will eventually be phased out after the introduction of Pine Trail, which Intel maintains will ship in the later part of this year. Pine Trail is the platform for the new Atom Pineview processor, which integrates the GPU with the CPU for a performance boost.

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  • Shadow703793
    Kind of off topic, but what's the estimated price for Pine Trail?
  • Hanin33
    but can it run Bonzai Buddy?

    all jokes aside, are netbooks still in fashion? i thought everyone realized they were nothing but fancy calculators by now...
  • nachowarrior
    the day i buy a netbook is the day that i can play an f-ing game on it, oh, and i have cause to game while on the go.