Razer Announces Dual-sided Vespula Mousepad

Razer, the company that loves to make all sorts of funky gaming mice for those obsessive about mousing in PC gamers, this week unveiled the Vespula. The selling feature for this mousepad is a dual-sided surface offering gamers a choice between smooth and crunchy, just like for peanut butter.

"The Razer Vespula was designed with gamers in mind that need a single solution for every game they play. Different genres call for different gameplays. The advanced technology in the improved dual-sided mouse mat gives gamers the choice of a smooth Speed Surface or a textured Control Surface, which delivers just that flexibility," said Robert Krakoff, president, Razer USA. "The Control Surface is great for gamers that use small, precise movements, while the Speed Surface is an ideal match for gamers that prefer large, sweeping motions."

The Vespula also comes with a gel-filled memory conformance rest for tired wrists. The premium mousepad is priced at $34.99 in the U.S. and €34.99 in the EU.

We're a fan of dual-sided mousepads, which first caught our attention from fUnc's Surface 1030 mousepads.

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  • thegreathuntingdolphin
    I think I would rather pay $35 than €35.....
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  • thegreathuntingdolphin
    I think I would rather pay $35 than €35.....
  • Abrahm
    I've had a dual-sided Rocketfish mouse pad for quite a while now and I like it a lot.
  • masterasia
    A lot cooler looking than the eXactMat which cost about the same price.