SilentiumPC 700W Supremo M1 Has 80-Plus Platinum Certificate

SilentiumPC has announced a new power supply – the Supremo M1 Platinum 700W. This unit is, as the name indicates, a power supply capable of delivering up to 700 W of power and carries an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency certificate.

The unit is built by High Power Technology, which has built the PSU with a single 12 V rail that can push up to 58 A of current. Included cabling consists of a 24-pin ATX connector, a 4+4 pin EPS connector, along with four 6+2 pin PCI-Express power connectors, a single Berg (Floppy) connector, four Molex connectors, and 10 SATA power connectors. The ATX and EPS connectors are fixed to the PSU, while the remainder of the cables are modular.

Due to having an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating, the unit does not generate a lot of heat. This allows the 135 mm fan that is installed to only have to spin up when the unit reaches over 300 W of power draw. Below that the fan simply doesn't move, allowing for whisper quiet operation. When the fan does spin up, it'll spin at only about 600 RPM at first, slowly spinning faster as the load increases, reaching up to 1000 RPM.

Pricing for the unit is set at $129, though street prices may vary.

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  • Plusthinking Iq
    excellent, love these hybrid fan solutions and platinum grade psu.
    just hope they have no electrical noise......
  • dstarr3
    The fan idea is nothing new. I've got a PC Power and Cooling PSU which has a fan that only turns on at about 400W or so. PC Power and Cooling just went under in the OCZ takeover, but now EVGA picked up the Super Flower OEM products that PCP&C were selling. Check out the SuperNOVA series from EVGA. Best PSUs on the market.
  • c123456
    There's nothing special about this PSU, and being at 700W its in a weird spot of having way to much power for your system without having enough for sli/crossfire expandability.