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Results: 3DMark And PCMark

System Builder Marathon Q1 2014: System Value Compared

Futuremark’s graphics benchmark heavily favors the $2400 machine’s two GeForce GTX 780 cards, producing a chart of nearly perfect performance scaling between five of the six tested configurations. The $750 machine doesn’t live up to its scaling expectations when Paul overclocks it, but that's probably because it's constrained by a multiplier-locked CPU.

That same $750 machine outperforms Don’s $1600 PC in PCMark’s “Work” test, at least at baseline frequencies. At first I was unable to explain Don's loss. But after reading his write-up, I figured out that he was running his baseline numbers with his memory underclocked to DDR3-1333.

PCMark’s storage suite uses traces recorded from a number of productivity, content creation, and entertainment apps to emphasize real-world differences between drives. That's why a lot of SSDs will appear incredibly similar in this particular metric.

This is the only synthetic benchmark used in our value scoring, which is going to give the two SSD-equipped boxes an advantage over the $750 machine.

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