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Game Benchmarks: First-Person Shooters

Updated: AMD 785G: The Venerable 780G, Evolved

Left 4 Dead is the new Starcraft when it comes to multiplayer fun, which should remain the case until Starcraft 2 comes out. Can these IGPs handle the game comfortably at medium settings?

At 1024x768, the 785G musters a very playable 34.9 frames per second (FPS), which is identical compared to the simulated 780G results and is very close to the 9400. The 790GX walks away with the win, but when we overclock the 785G to 800 MHz, it generates playable 1280x1024 performance. The G45 and GeForce 8200 boards are too slow to use.

With 2x anti-aliasing (AA) and 8x anisotropic filtering (AF) enabled, things slow down considerably for all parties, especially the Intel G45, which is not capable of AA here. The GeForce 9400, the 790GX, and the overclocked 785G are barely capable of playable performance at 1024x768.

Crysis is a demanding game, but the GeForce 9400, the 790GX, and the overclocked 785G squeak by with playable performance at 1280x1024. Unfortunately, they require turning graphics settings down to Low.

Increasing the shader detail to medium might look good, but it takes out almost all of the contenders. The overclocked 785G might be just fast enough to play with if you refuse to accept lower settings.

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