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The Entire Setup From the Old Days

Why I Went Mac But Still Keep My PC

The entire setup

The above is a diagram of the entire setup. Unfortunately, I didn’t and couldn’t take pictures of the entire setup back then, and it’s too late to take one now. The setup was pretty extensive, sucked up an incredible amount of power. But was it fun? Hell yeah! The diagram didn’t include the fibre setup at the time.


Above: A LG mini laptop running Leopard. (Photo courtesy of, with permission)

Those who want to try out OS X but don’t want to fork out the money for a Mac may want to look into building their own hackintosh clone. There are tons of resources available on the net that detail exactly how to install Mac OS X onto generic PC hardware. Apple’s EULA for OS X says explicitly that OS X can only be run on an Apple branded computer, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Going this route will allow you to experience OS X without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, you may not experience all of OS X’s goodness. Patches and system updates may not work and may actually break the install completely, so proceed with some caution. If you manage to get all the right hardware together, OS X will run great. Although the full "Mac experience" won’t be there, getting OS X to run on a home brewed machine is a neat experiment.

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