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Results: Battlefield 3

AVADirect’s Mini Cube Gaming PC: Good Looks, Price, And Performance

AVADirect delivered a gaming machine to us, so we'll set aside the synthetics that bloviate the importance of triple-GPU arrays and six-core CPUs, looking instead to real-world metrics that relate to what you have installed on your own machine. After all, we often find that games are unable to utilize more than four cores.

Of course, at this point you're probably playing Battlefield 4. We're in the process of collecting data with as much hardware as possible to make the switch for comparisons like these. In the meantime, though, we leverage benchmark numbers already generated in our taxing Battlefield 3 sequence.

High details are needed to make the $2550 System Builder Marathon PC’s three-way graphics setup shine in Battlefield 3. AVADirect’s more diminutive system proves itself sufficient, but nowhere near as fast.

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