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Gameplay In F1 2011

Exploring SSD Performance In Battlefield 3, F1 2011, And Rift

The two-minute trace captured in F1 2011 represents playing through a single Grand Prix race.

Overall Statistics
F1 2011: Gameplay
Elapsed Time
Read Operations
Write Operations
2 229
Data Read
35.93 MB
Data Written
252.19 MB
Disk Busy Time
0.63 s
Average Data Rate
459.51 MB/s

Gameplay in F1 2011 is interestingly similar to our last set of games, where a majority of operations are sequential writes. The I/O pattern is more similar to Crysis 2 than WoW, as there's little variety in F1 2011's file structure. Almost half of the disk accesses occur at a queue depth of two. Compare this to Crysis 2, where a majority of disk accesses are evenly distributed between queue depths of two and eight.

I/O Trends:

  • 91% of all operations are 128 KB in transfer size
  • 98% of all operations are sequential
  • 50% of all operations occur at a queue depth of one
  • 44% of all operations occur at a queue depth of two

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