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Benchmark Results: Euler3D And Sandra 2011

Boxx Technologies 3DBOXX 4860 Workstation

The Euler3D test is a computations fluid dynamics test that simulates airflow over a NACA 445.6 airfoil at Mach 0.5. It reports two values: time and score in hertz.

The Euler3D test demonstrates a 76% performance advantage on the Boxx configuration versus the HP-based setup.

SiSoft Sandra

Note that the z400 results are derived from Sandra 2010 and the 3DBOXX 4860 results are taken in 2011. There really isn’t any difference between the two in the tests we used. On the tests where we don’t have z400 results, you can look at Chris’ results here for comparison.

The Arithmetic results show slightly better performance than a stock 3.33 GHz Core i7-980X, as we'd expect from the increased clock speed.

The Multimedia test shows a similar progression.

We do have results from the z400 for Sandra's Memory Bandwidth benchmark, and the modules used in the HP system are ever so slightly faster than Boxx's 4860.

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