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Display Characteristics

Alienware m15x: True Gaming Portability?

Reduced size and weight didn’t require Alienware to sacrifice panel resolution, as the 15.4” option of the m15x matches the 1920x1200 pixels of typical 17” notebook displays. Pixel count isn’t the sole definition of visual quality, though—there’s nothing more annoying than a panel that has dark sides or looks washed out. We wanted to see how the m15x configuration Alienware sent would stand up to the hefty Dell M1730 in terms of brightness uniformity and contrast.

At default brightness settings, the optional 1920x1200 pixel panel on the m15x looks fairly uniform, though not particularly bright. Let’s take a look back at the big Dell panel from the performance comparison system.

Dell’s panel is brighter at default settings, but it also shows less uniformity. However, panels can lose uniformity when brightness is increased, and both panels looked good in actual use.

Now for the contrast ratios.

The best 15.4” panel available in Alienware’s m15x has a moderate contrast ratio that neither impresses nor disappoints. Let’s look back at how Dell’s monster 17” panel performed.

The XPS M1730 had superb uniformity of contrast, and a contrast ratio that exceeds that of many desktop displays.

Buyers should expect to trade some performance for better portability, but it’s nice to see the visual quality losses are relatively small when dropping from Dell’s 17” behemoth to Alienware’s 15” mid-weight gaming machine.

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