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Energy Efficiency: AMD vs. Intel

Energy Efficiency: AMD vs. Intel

Stepping 101: Telling an L from a B

As long as the processor is still in the retail package, the stepping can be identified by the specification number on the side of the box. Currently, there are only three spec-numbers for the L2 stepping. They are easy to remember, as they differ in only one letter and are easy to tell apart from others: they all begin with "SL9T".

As of this writing, the family of Core 2 Duo processors comprises nine different models, three of which can be identified as using the L2 stepping:

Processor Spec-Number Stepping Frequency Cache
E6700 SL9ZF B2 2.66 GHz 4 MB
E6700 SL9S7 B2 2.66 GHz 4 MB
E6600 SL9S8 B2 2.40 GHz 4 MB
E6600 SL9ZL B2 2.40 GHz 4 MB
E6420 SL4AT B2 2.13 GHz 4 MB
E6400 SL9S9 B2 2.13 GHz 2 MB
E6400 SL9T9 L2 2.13 GHz 2 MB
E6320 SLA4U B2 1.86 GHz 4 MB
E6300 SL9TA L2 1.86 GHz 2 MB
E6300 SL9SA B2 1.86 GHz 2 MB
E4300 SL9 TB L2 1.80 GHz 2 MB
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