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Page Load Reliability

Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

Page load reliability is measured by how many (if any) Web pages load with broken or incomplete elements while opening the 40 tabs in our memory usage tests (found on the next page). Broken elements mean missing ads, images, a jumbled layout, and so on. Each page with broken elements is counted once, no matter how many individual broken elements appear on that page.

Opera stuns once again with the lowest number of failures. In fact, this time we didn't record any at all. Apple Safari, which used to completely hang when loading 40 tabs, again places second with only 2-3 failures. While the new fast-paced release schedule allows Mozilla to keep pace with Google Chrome in the performance department, we've also seen it cause Firefox to suffer from the same reliability issues. Once known for its rock-solid stability, Firefox continues to falter in this area; version 7 reports twice as many failures as version 6. Chrome, which once demonstrated a deplorable number of failures, has improved over time and now hovers around 8-9 failures per 40-tab load. Internet Explorer 9 continues to amaze us in all of the wrong ways, as half of its pages contain broken elements.

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