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Benchmark Results: Crysis And Far Cry 2

Asus' G51J: Affordable Core i7 Mobile Gaming?

The G51J’s GTX-260M falls a little behind MSI’s Radeon HD Mobility 4850 in Crysis, using high-quality presets and no anti-aliasing (AA). We also tested the G51J at its native 1080p resolution, but the result was a still unplayable 20.31 average frames per second (FPS). One might call Asus’ loss in this particular benchmark inconsequential, since even the fastest solution failed to maintain playable frame rates consistently at our lowest tested resolution.

Turning up the quality level makes matters much worse for all three notebooks, although Asus’ larger loss could be a harbinger of bad GeForce GTX 260M performance in some other games.

Asus’ GTX 260M squeezes ahead of MSI’s Mobility HD 4850 at our lowest Far Cry 2 settings, but finishes last on average. Alternatively, one can once again look at the averages of both mid-priced notebooks and see a problem at higher resolutions that makes the low-resolution win more significant. We also tried the G51J at the aspect ratio-correct 720p setting, where its FPS climbed to a smooth 48.9.

More increases in detail levels and AA make all three systems unusable at our higher Far Cry 2 test settings, as stuttering prevents us from reaching our goals. Asus fares better than MSI, but to what end?

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