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Game Benchmarks: World In Conflict

GeForce 9600 GT/GTS 250/GTX 260 Non-Reference Roundup

As a real-time strategy game, World in Conflict needs a lower sustainable frame rate to enjoy the game, compared to what you would want with a first-person shooter. This is because it’s not about careful aiming, but about careful planning. Having said that, we’d still like to see the highest performance possible for attractive visuals:

World in Conflict shows us pretty even frame rates across the board, suggesting it’s a platform-limited benchmark that isn’t as dependant on the graphics card for its performance. It looks like graphics don’t become as much of a factor until the highest 2560x1600 resolution. The good news is that even the GeForce 9600 GT cards offer performance comparable to that of the higher-end cards at 1920x1200. While the minimum frame rates look dismal, keep in mind that this number is captured during the demo’s nuclear explosion and subsequent detailed mushroom cloud. It doesn’t happen much during an actual game, but it is very difficult for the graphics cards to render.

With 4xAA enabled, we once again see the GeForce GTX 260 solutions separate themselves with higher performance than their lower-tier siblings. The GeForce 9600 GT and GeForce GTS 250 cards all perform surprisingly closely.

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